Beginners Start Here

If you just got your first Android phone, here are some hand-picked WomenWithDroids posts from an assortment of categories to help you learn how to make the most of it! For our featured and most current posts, see the homepage!

My advice for beginners is: don’t go downloading 50 apps right away that you may never use and that could clutter your phone, use memory, and drain your battery. Start with a few useful apps that your friends recommend, a couple apps that show off your new phone’s capabilities (like Google Sky Map), and a few games if you play them, and then as you go through your daily life, think of apps that can help make things you do easier or more fun and organize them into folders. For instance, if you go to the movie theater often, install the Movies app so the latest titles and showtimes are at your fingertips, and put its icon in an “Entertainment” folder on your homescreen.

Basically, customize the phone for YOUR life, and if you think of something your Android phone could do to make your life better, search the market – there might be an app that does exactly what you need! Also, if something is annoying you about the phone, like if your battery is running low often, find an app that can help you with the problem, like the Power Control Widget in this case.

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