CraftLass: In Love at First Touch

From pretty much the moment manual dexterity and rational thought kicked in for CraftLass she has been a tech junkie. Fortunately, she had the parents to go with it, as they provided her with her first gaming console by the age of four and computer at age 6 (and this was in the late 70s/early80s, when few of her peers touched a computer until high school at least). As a person who loves to blend the arts and sciences it was just natural that she would take to technology from the start, and that passion has never subsided.

Trained as an audio engineer, she worked in various aspects of the music business for many years, which led to a need to learn web and graphic design as well as business skills like building/maintaining complex databases. As an entrepeneur she wound up being the partner in charge of all the technology for Danger Records/Malaxis Records and thrived in that position in times of rapid change until she decided to move on from that industry.

Mostly self-taught and a big fan of reading user manuals for fun, she is currently developing a new company focusing on technology education, spurred on by a lifetime of providing lessons and support for friends and family. On the side, she is a songwriter and musician with a single out called “Bake Sale for NASA” that is getting a lot of attention. In her miniscule amount of free time she is still an avid gamer currently obsessing over Dragon Age: Origins on the PS3.

She chose a DROID (the day it was released) partly due to being a longtime and happy Verizon customer but mostly due to it being the first phone with all the capabilities she was looking for. It didn’t hurt that her whole online life was pretty much on Google already, either!

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Other projects CraftLass contributes to:
Space Tweep Society
Talking Space podcast (interview subject and occasional correspondent/guest panelist)

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