Advertise is a blog that is designed for women that own Android phones and written by all female contributors. Unlike other popular Android blogs, our content doesn’t focus on rumors, hardware, or apps that require rooting, but instead focuses on how to make the most of the phone you have. We primarily write app reviews, accessory reviews, and how-to articles.

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SITE STATS (as of 12/29/2010)


  • approximately 2,000 site visits per month
  • homepage ad space had 587 impressions last month
  • average blog post has had 106 unique pageviews over its lifespan (not including RSS subscriber views)

Subscribers + Twitter:

  • 108 RSS Feed Subscribers
  • 806 Twitter followers @droidwomen
  • Averaging 3 new twitter followers per day
  • In the 98th percentile for tweets that are ReTweeted (measure of engagement from

In last 6 months:

  • 9,000 unique visitors
  • 21,550 unique page views
  • 12% of visitors are loyal (have visited more than 9 times)

Top 10 Google search results that led to our site:

  1. women with droids
  2. android apps for women
  3. women and android
  4. droid recipe app sync
  5. droidette
  6. droid women
  7. wwdiary app (Weight Watchers Diary App)
  8. android apps women
  9. android women
  10. sms backup droid (SMS Backup App)

Highly ranked in Google search results for the following search terms:

  • android women (#1)
  • droid women (#1)
  • android apps women (#1)
  • droid games women (#1)
  • droid accessories women (#2)
  • droid phones women (#3)
  • do women like android phones? (#4)
  • android phones women (#5)
  • droid apps women (#6)