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I’ve never been a user of StumbleUpon, but I’ve heard good things about it. I decided to take the plunge and sign up when I heard their new app gave good app recommendations based on the apps you already have installed on your phone. Here is my review, in screenshots.

When you launch the app for the first time, you get a sign up/log in screen. Unfortunately, the birthdate dropdowns weren't working on my phone, so I had to register online, then log in here.

Once you set up topics, you can click on them to 'Stumble' (i.e. view random web pages they think you'll like based on past likes), but the app recommends stumbling Apps, Flickr, News, and YouTube from their mobile interface. As you can see, the Apps area is considered to be in Beta.

Before the app would allow me to Stumble anything, it required me to select topics I wanted to 'Stumble'. I think there should be an apps-only mode that doesn't require topics, since it's supposed to be able to use your installed apps to generate recommendations.

After I allowed it to access my installed apps list, here are some of the first apps StumbleUpon recommended for me. I like games and have several installed, but I'm not a fan of 'shoot-em-up' games, so I thumbs-downed RoboDefense. I didn't install either Voice Recorder or Quadrant (I have to be picky about what I install because my Droid is low on app space), but I thought they were decent recommendations for me. I also was happy to see that all 8 or so of its first recommendations I previewed were apps with high star ratings. No 'Crapps' (cheap backgrounds, ringtones, etc.) were recommended.

One of the apps it recommended was Ringdroid (one of Ellie's favorites). I decided to dive in deeper and see what other information was offered about the apps via this interface. I was disappointed that no large previews of the app screenshots were available, only a small hard-to-read screenshot of the app review page was visible.

This view showed which other StumbleUpon users liked RingDroid.

The Reviews page was quite sparse. StumbleUpon either needs to offer more incentives for users to write reviews, or display Android Market reviews along with their own. Not very helpful.

The other sections of the StumbleUpon app (other than 'Apps') let you stumble web pages, flickr photos, news, and youtube videos based on your entered topics and thumbs-up likes.

The last feature I'll cover here is the StumbleUpon share button. This is nice because if you stumble upon any web page, video, or app that you want to share with friends, you can pull up sharing options right from within the app or open it in your browser to bookmark.

Overall, I think StumbleUpon is a great app for anyone that has a lot of app space to try out its recommendations, or for anyone that already has a StumbleUpon account online that’s configured with likes & dislikes. It would also be a good app for someone that turns to their phone when bored and enjoys the ‘stumble’ style of finding content.

I personally will be uninstalling it to make space, though. I can’t wait until I’m eligible for a new phone with more space allocated for apps!

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