App Review: Sleepy Jack

Note from Renee – I am pleased to introduce Tiara, who has agreed to do some app reviews for us! Her first review is for the game “Sleepy Jack“, which is getting excellent ratings in the Android Market. Let’s see what she thinks of it. Take it away, Tiara!

Game Type: Arcade, Casual

Price: $1.99

Get It: If you’re a casual or serious gamer who enjoys visually pleasing, arcade style games with whimsical themes

The game’s objective is simple. Every night as Jack sleeps his toys come to life in his dream world. You have to navigate Jack through his dreams and help him collect Z’s in order for him to get a good night’s rest. The game features three worlds: The Deep Space Dreambox, the Wild West Dreambox, and the Deep Sea Dreambox. Each world has a set of enemies and obstacles that are unique to it as well as unique weaponry that Jack can wield to destroy troublesome toys that wish to impede his sleep.

There are three ways to maneuver Jack in this game. Classic allows you to move Jack with an on screen directional pad. With slider, you move Jack by sliding your finger across the screen. Finally, you have the option of using the accelerometer to tilt the screen to move Jack. Each technique allows you to tap the screen to fire Jack’s weapons. Personally, I prefer either classic or slider, but all are easy to grasp without frustrating the player.

The first stage of the first level serves as an interactive tutorial with Jack’s favorite toy, Cordy (who also has a game on the market that you should check out), serving as the guide. In no time, even the most casual of players will be an expert at the controls. They’re smooth, intuitive, and easy to master leaving players more time to enjoy the game and less time wrestling with controlling it.

There are also three modes of play. There’s normal play, which has Jack collecting Z’s and defeating the attacking toys. There’s a musical style play where Jack travels on a “boombox jetpack” and has to pick up musical notes in order to keep moving while collecting Z’s. The last mode is an enemy free stage where Jack just speeds through picking up as many Z’s as he can as quickly as he can.

Jack’s dream worlds are beautifully rendered and wildly creative. Vivid coloring and crisp graphics make this visually appealing as you zoom through each level. The levels are so stunning that sometimes you do have to take a time out just to appreciate what you’re looking at. It’s almost impossible not to have fun playing this game. SilverTree Media has managed to capture a child’s fantastic worldview in digital format. It made me a bit nostalgic, reminding me of childhood days when I could see something wonderful and imaginative in mundane things


This game will appeal to casual gamers and serious gamers. On easy, the game offers a very stress-free approach that won’t overwhelm the casual gamer. Easy is also a great mode to play when you just want to explore and appreciate Jack’s world a little more without the worry of losing. Normal and hard mode offer more of a challenge without making the game a cumbersome experience. Game results are submitted to OpenFeint, so there are a variety of achievements to obtain for those gamers (like me) who enjoy being “rewarded” for in-game accomplishments.

I purchased this app during the 10-day app sale on the market when certain apps were only $0.10 for the day. Initially, I bought this because, aside from the cheap price, I figured this would be something that I could use to keep my son entertained during car rides or while we were in places like the dentist’s waiting room even if I didn’t enjoy it. However, this game is absolutely worth the asking price. Combine the great game play and visuals with a high replay value and we have a winner!

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3 Responses to “App Review: Sleepy Jack”

  1. Renee says:

    I haven’t bought a new game in a while, but your review makes me want to check this one out – thanks!

  2. Tiara says:

    Thanks! I think it’s well-worth the investment. It’s very casual, the type of game you can pick up whenever you feel like it.

  3. mystical.malissa says:

    The graphics on this game look adorable!

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