Accessory Review: Auto AirVent Mount by Accessory Power

Two of my favorite Android apps are Google Maps Navigation and Pandora. Both are ideal for driving, but less so when my phone is sliding around on the passenger’s seat or muffled by the center cup holder.

Enter the Auto AirVent Mount, which promises to keep Android handy, visible and in one place. You simply push the device into the air vent on your car, put your phone into it, and suddenly all those car-friendly Android apps are nearly as accessible as if they were built right into your dashboard.

(By the way, I feel compelled here to point out that car-friendly apps do not include texting apps, or anything that takes your eyes off the road while you’re behind the wheel. Let’s all take a vow to get our apps set up before putting the car into Drive. End of public service announcement.)

This device is mostly a breeze to use. It comes in two pieces, but putting them together took about one painless second, with no tools and no room for confusion.

Mounting the device onto my air vents was slightly trickier. The instructions said to simply push it on, “using gentle forward pressure,” and that it would latch on automatically. It took me a few tries to get this to work, and it never did have that satisfying snap that would have reassured me that it was secure. Also, I hoped it would be secure enough that if I tugged it very gently forward, it would still stay in place. That never happened. But after a couple of minutes, I did get it positioned well enough to be pretty sure that it wasn’t going to fall off, so I went ahead and inserted my phone.

Adjusting the size to fit my phone was incredibly easy. You pull out the side wings and then press a button, and they adjust inward until they fit the phone perfectly. The mount is padded and soft, which probably helps the fit. I also had no trouble plugging my phone into its charger while it sat in the mount, or adjusting between landscape and portrait views.

As I drove with my phone in the mount, I did find that the mount occasionally started tilting forward and down, rather than facing straight out or slightly upward as I’d intended. I pushed it back into place, and it generally stayed, but would start to slip again a few minutes later. Still, my phone never fell out (or even came close to falling), and it wasn’t hard to push it back into place.

All things considered, this accessory works pretty well, is easy to use, and is especially convenient when using the Navigation app. I’m keeping the mount in place in my car, and now that it’s there, I frequently pop the phone in while I’m driving. This is an accessory that will make my life just that little bit easier.

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