Guest-Post: Android Needs Disney Love Too

I have been an Android user since the original Droid from VZW. When the Droid X was released I was there on release day working a deal to change my original Droid for the X. I am now a certified Android addict and I think Google should rule the world. :-)

The only problem I have with Android is the lack of love the Disney Company shows the Android platform. Next to my Android obsession I am a Disneyphile (a person who is obsessed with all things that do with the Mouse). I have an iPod Touch and love and use many Disney apps. Including games, WDW park reference guides, park maps and wait times.

I was hoping that even though the Disney Company has Steve Jobs on their board they would be an equal opportunity company and publish their apps in the Android Market Place. This is not the case. :-(

Don’t get me wrong I do searches for Disney related apps all the time in the Android Market. I have found a few third party apps that are cool, but for the most part I find a lot of apps that have nothing to do with Disney show up in the search.

One of the best apps I have found is WDW Lines. This app was developed by Henry Work over at These are the guys responsible to the Unofficial Guide to Disney a.k.a the Disney Bible by many in the community.

The Lines app reports real time waits for all the attractions, lets you know when parades are, what the crowd level is for each of the 4 parks,  and also when fast pass times are and when the fast passes are gone for the day. Why do you need such an app you ask? Well as most people know Disney can be daunting and if you don’t have a good plan (like one from Touring Plans) it is extremely helpful to plan your attack so you can get the most out of your magical vacation. The app itself is a free download from the market place. However, in order to get all the functionality you need to subscribe to This subscription is $10.95 for the year. This can be discounted if you own the Unofficial Guide Book. The subscription also gives you access the all of the on-line information including plans and long range crowd calendars. If you are planning a Disney Trip whether be it your first trip or fiftieth trip this is a must app.

Besides the WDW Lines app there is not a lot in the Market Place for my fellow Disney peeps. I have found some matching games, picture games, wallpaper, a couple sound boards and themes to work with DxTop, aHome and Panda Home. Nothing has been officially put out by Disney yet and I can only hope that with the increased popularity in Android we will see something sooner rather than later.

This is the first in our series of guest-posts this month from ladies that would like to join on as WomenWithDroids regular contributors. If you are interested in becoming a one-time guest contributor or a regular contributor, please email renee at
Thank you for being our first auditioning contributor, Jill!

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  1. Chris F says:

    I agree that we could use some more Disney in our droids….but unfortunately Steve Jobs is a significant shareholder in Disney stock…which might give you at least some clue why we don’t see more official Disney apps in our market.

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