Official Droid 3 Update Includes Video Chat

I don’t normally post about individual phone updates, but this one is particularly exciting to me personally because I have a Droid 3 with front-facing camera, and according to this PDF on Verizon’s support site, the large software update my phone is downloading now includes Google Talk Video Chat!

There are other improvements and fixes included, such as improved call audio and improvements to specific apps. Check out that PDF for full details.

I’ll update when my phone finishes downloading the full update and I have a chance to try it out!

UPDATE: It works!! >(:] )=

After the update installed, I opened the (Google) Talk app, and noticed that my friend, who also had a Droid 3, had a video camera icon next to his name. I clicked it, and it started a phone-to-phone video call! He didn’t want to be pictured here for our demo (why not? I showed my tired-late-night-hair!) so we used Zoe Saldana on the cover of Ebony Magazine as a stand-in!

Here’s how it looked on my phone:

It shows you (me w/camera) in the lower right-hand corner, and it shows the person you’re talking to as a large video. The video was slightly blurry, but pretty good quality over all.

Since the Droid 3 has a camera on both sides, you can also switch to your back-facing camera! This will be useful when you’re shopping and trying to show someone what you’re looking at, or when you want to still see your friend’s reaction when you switch the camera to show your dog doing something cute.

Don’t have any friends with Video-Chat-enabled phones? No problem! If they have a webcam and a Google account, you can also do this from GChat in GMail. Just click video chat like you’re doing a webcam-to-webcam call, and if the person is available on their phone, it will ring them there! As my friend and I found out, sometimes it has trouble deciding which device you’re currently active on – his Motorola XOOM started ringing!

Here’s a screenshot of me on my computer webcam and my friend (aka Zoe) on his Droid 3 camera:

Now you don’t have to be jealous of your friends with FaceTime on iPhone anymore.

Do you have a phone that has Google Talk Video Chat? Tell us about your experiences in the comments!

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