Android Phones for Women Survey

This blog was started back when the original Droid was being marketed as a “not girly” phone – presumably, that was a bash at Apple’s style-over-power approach, but I believe it also kept some women from getting Android phones for a while. We started this blog to let women know that there were other women out there that used and loved Android phones, and that we could blog about them, too!

Now times have changed and lots of women have Androids. The question that’s starting to come up now is whether some phone models should be developed especially for women and what those phones could look like.

I don’t want to bias your opinions too much, so I won’t get into it now, but I put together a survey to collect your opinions about phones designed for women. If you have a moment, please click this link and fill out the Google Form survey. A few of you have already filled it out from the link I tweeted earlier, and I’m really enjoying reading the responses so far!

After a lot of ladies have had a chance to fill it out and we start to get good stats, I’ll follow this post up with a summary of what you all REALLY think about the idea of an Android phone made for women! :)

Thanks, everyone!

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One Response to “Android Phones for Women Survey”

  1. Theresa says:

    Hey I just got the Droid Incredible 2, awesome phone from verizon made by HTC! This is the perfect droid phone for women! I was conerned about the size, but the DIC 2 is AMAZIN not too big, and the battery life is amazing lasts easily two days. It’s a great phone for women. This is coming from a previous palm phone user with small delicate hands.

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